Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What's Happening To The Driving Test In October 2010?

The UK driving test is changing from 4th October 2010!

A new independent driving section will be introduced to test how you make your own decisions when driving. The examiner will ask you to drive independently for around 10 minutes by either following traffic signs, a series of directions, or a combination of both. If you're asked to follow a series of verbal directions, you'll be shown a diagram to help you.

The Driving Standards Agency say:
"The aim is to show that you can handle road and traffic conditions safely, while following a series of traffic signs or verbal directions. It doesn't matter if you don't remember every direction, or if you go the wrong way - this can happen to the most experienced drivers. If you ask for a reminder of the directions, the examiner will be happy to confirm them to you. If you go off the independent driving route, nothing will be marked unless you commit a driving fault."

The driving test will NOT get longer (driving tests last for approximately 40 minutes) so in order to allow time for the independant driving section, test candidates will only have to do one reversing manouevre instead of two as they do at present (the examiner will still choose from turn in the road, parallel park, bay park or reverse around a corner). As at present, one in three test candidates will also be asked to do an emergency stop.

The cost of taking a driving test will NOT increase from October 2010.

For more details on the new driving test and the latest news and updates from the Driving Standards Agency, please see:
Driving Test October 2010 Changes

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