Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Online Driving Test Booking Scams - Be VERY Careful When Booking Your Theory Test or Driving Test Online

It's easy to book a practical driving test or theory test online. You can do it through the DirectGov website at DirectGov - Book your theory and practical tests online. There is no extra fee for booking if you do it through "official channels" - all it will cost you is the appropriate test fee (Theory Tests £31.00 and Practical Tests £62.00).

Now that's all well and good if you know the website address for the offical DSA online test booking service - but what if you don't?

Most people will type something along the lines of "book driving test online" into Google or another search engine and click whatever link comes up first. That's the problem.

Over the past few months several "enterprising" website owners have cottoned on to the fact that they can set up a "test booking website" and make themselves a whole lot of money by booking theory and driving tests for other people and charging a big fat "booking fee" on top of the DSA test fee.

I've heard of so called "booking fees" of well over £20.00 charged for doing something that anyone with internet access can do for themselves in a matter of minutes.

I've mentioned this subject before, but the situation has now become so serious that even the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have finally sat up and taken some notice and have announced that they are "investigating" several 3rd party test booking services.

Don't line someone else's pockets, book your test yourself - all you need is your driver number (from your driving licence), a credit or debit card (someone else can pay using their card if you don't have a card of your own) and your Theory Test pass number (if you're booking your Practical Test)...and use ONLY the official DSA online test booking service at:
DirectGov - Book your theory and practical tests online