Friday, 30 October 2009

Learning To Drive In An Automatic Car

Many people wonder whether learning to drive in an automatic car is easier than learning to drive in a car with a manual gearbox.

The simple answer is yes - but only in so far as you don't have to worry about clutch control and changing gear - but you do still have to worry about everything else!

Although it may seem far easier to not have to worry about gears and a clutch pedal, in reality, most people have few problems mastering them eventually, even if this aspect of driving doesn't seem to "come naturally" at first!

An automatic car has an automatic gearbox that changes the gears for you and only two foot pedals which are operated with the right foot.

If you pass your driving test in an automatic car your driving licence will ONLY allow you to drive automatic cars and will not cover you to drive a car with a manual gearbox.

If you pass in a manual car you can drive both manual and automatic cars as your driving licence will cover you for both types.

Here's a few more things to take into consideration if you're thinking about learning to drive in an automatic;

  1. There are far more driving instructors who teach in manual cars than teach in automatic cars, so it may be more difficult to find an instructor,
  2. Lessons in an automatic car tend to be more expensive,
  3. After you pass your driving test, there is a much narrower range of automatic cars available when compared to manual cars.


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