Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Example Case Study Questions For The Theory Test From 28 September 2009

From the 28th September 2009 you will need to answer a case study-style question as part of your Theory Test.

You will be presented with one case study where you will be required to answer 5 questions that are related to the scenario displayed on screen.

Each question will still be in the multiple choice format as with the other Theory Test questions.

You will still need to answer 50 multiple choice questions that are broken down as follows:
45 multiple choice questions
5 multiple choice questions that relate to the case study

The pass mark for the multiple choice section of the Theory Test remains at 43/50.

Click this link to see some examples of Case Study questions

The case study questions will test the knowledge of road signs, proceedures, laws etc you will have already gained while studying for your Theory Test, so provided you have prepared thoroughly, the case study shouldn't prove any more of a problem that the "standard" multiple choice questions!

For more information on what is involved in the Theory Test, how to prepare for it and suggested study materials, please see:

Theory & Hazard Perception Test

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