Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Driving Test Tips - How To Do The Manoeuvres!

During your driving test, the examiner will ask you to perform two set manoeuvres in addition to general driving.

There are four possible manoeuvres and the examiner will pick two of these for you to carry out. All of the manoeuvres involve you demonstrating that you can reverse your car accurately, safely, under control and with consideration for other road users.

The four manoeuvres are;

Turn In The Road
Reverse Around A Corner
Reverse Parking Into A Marked Bay
Parallel Parking

In addition, one in three test candidiates will also be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop which although it is not a reversing manoeuvre, requires you to stop your vehicle quickly, safely and under control.

For detailed information about how to correctly carry out each of the manoeuvres and the Emergency Stop exercise, please see;

Driving Test Manoeuvres

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