Tuesday, 22 April 2008

DSA Stop Issuing "Proper" Theory Test Pass Certificates

Theory Test pass certificates have been scrapped.

From 01 April 2008 the DSA stopped issuing separate Theory Test certificates. They now merely print the test pass number on the bottom of the computer generated results page that the test centre staff give to Theory Test candidates before they leave the test centre.

The Theory Test pass certificate used to look OK. It looked like a "proper" certificate and for many people gaining a pass and having a certificate to mark their achievement was tangible evidence that they'd succeeded and was rightly something for them to be proud of.

The Theory Test requires study and self-motivation. The test isn't so simple and straightforward that "everyone passes first time" - far from it, many people fail - so why does a Government agency treat laudable success with what amounts to derision?

This time last year it cost £21.50 to take the Theory Test. This increased to £28.50 in September 2007 and on 01 April 2008, a mere seven months later, the price increased again, this time to £30.00.

An increase of £8.50 - 39.5% over the course of a year. That's a big increase.

One can only assume that the "proper" Theory Test pass certificate has been abandoned in a cost-cutting measure...I would say perhaps that's fair enough, after all thrift is a virtue - if it weren't for the recent massive increases in the test fee...

How can they justify charging people more but giving them less?

It smacks of penny-pinching in the worst possible way...